As High-End As Your
Photography Aspires To

CompactFlash Memory for World Class Professionals

Reference One Series

Is there ever a time when you don't need the highest speed possible? We can't think of one. Because every shot counts. That's why this CompactFlash Memory card delivers speeds up to 100 MB/sec read/write (+600X, UDMA7 enabled). So you spend less time waiting and more time making, with high-speed burst mode shooting and ridiculously fast computer transfers. The Reference One card is as high-end as your photography.

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Lives for Burst Mode RAW in Pro DSLR Cameras

Why It's the Best

  • Highest Performing Card in its Class. Period.
  • Never Drops Frames when Recording HD Video
  • Rock Solid Slow Motion Video Capture
  • Advanced Dynamic & Static Wear Levelling
  • Near Instant Downloads from CF Card to Computer
  • America's Flash Memory Brand of Choice
  • Scorching Speeds to 100MB/s Read and Write
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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