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“It’s the moments that seem impossible that make my photos actually possible.”

-Devon Steigerwald

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Reference One

Got the need for speed? Of course you do. How do speeds up to 90 MB/s read/write (600x, UDMA6 enabled) grab you? That's what we thought. Spend less time waiting and more time making with high-speed burst mode shooting and ridiculously fast computer transfers. Hold on to your lens cap.

Shoot On R1

Ultimate Speed Series

Field shooters and videographers, get ready to mount up. Your thoroughbred has arrived. With lightning fast 533x (over 80 MB/s) sustained read speeds and up to 64 GB storage, this workhorse of a card takes it all in stride and looks damn good strutting around the paddock.

Get Ultimate

Memory Card Readers

Pick a card. Any card. And when you find the PixelFlash Memory card that's perfect for you, you're going to want a USB 3.0 Card Reader to pair up with it. Up to 500 MB/s means you can transfer your images and video in a fraction of the time, and still make it to happy hour for 2-4-1's.

Go with 3.0

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